I have no idea why you would advertise a website that you hadn't registered...

...so here's a bunny with a pancake on its head.

In all seriousness, mass following close to a 1000 people on Twitter makes you seem more than a little sketchy.
Combine that with having a link to an unregistered website and you suddenly seem very out of your league.
Especially for a company that seems to want to break into the ARG market.
Consider this your first lesson learned.

For those that haven't checked back at the original twitter page,
their 'new' page is at http://bigandawesomeproductions.com

And sure we can be friends. Or at least estranged acquaintances.

So in order for @bigandawesome to prove that they have learned their lesson,
they have agreed to complete series of challenges that will let them regain control over this URL.*

Challenge #1: Create and show us an interpretive dance to Think of Laura by Christopher Cross.
Costumes may be worn to hide identities if needed.
Completed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wOeqE6F2Xg

Challenge #2: Re-enact a scene or create a movie trailer based on Escape Crispy From the Room:
Completed! Escape from Crispy's Room
Game Walkthrough

Challenge #3: Create a public live event that raises money for the charity of your choice
that somehow involves the cheesy hot dog cornbread muffins from Must Love Robots.
And if you raise over $10, I'll waive the repayment of the domain registration fee.

*Plus pay $9.95 to cover the domain registration fee.